A long time ago in a theatre deep, deep in the East Village...

Tragedy struck when actress/supernova Erin Treadway tripped over a speaker ending the run of the cosmically ambitious Spaceman. With the theatre poised to sit empty, I assmbled a group of fierce women to show their brilliant visions. This glorious week was dubbed SipFest.

Possessed is a Verb
March 7th @2pm & March 14@9:30
By Cherry Lou Sy
Featuring Ginna Le Vine and Lea Mckenna-Garcia

What does it mean to be in control? How do you know that what you are experiencing is real? What does it mean to be you when you are channeling someone else's words and experiences? Possessed is a Verb explores the ideas of spirit possession, ancestral lines, silence, trauma, ownership, authorship, appropriation and intertextuality through the lens of playwright Cherry Lou Sy's childhood, young adulthood and the stories that she's told. 

A review of the SipFest engagement of Possessed is a Verb

The Kind of Thing You Don't Talk About
By Asia Gagnon
March 8th @2pm & 8pm

A hybrid between performance art piece and comedic storytelling , The Kind Of Thing You Don't Talk About attempts to shape a new perception of survivors of sexual assault through live video and sound manipulation, mythological recreations, and personal anecdotes. Using hot dogs, green screens, altered biblical references, and more we will illuminate the humanity and strength in survival, and subvert the elements of shock and victimization that pervade the mediated representation of rape.

Daydream Tutorial
By Maiko Kikuchi
March 9th @2, March 10th @8

How do you shape your face?
How do you pretend you are not home when your persistent neighbor at door?
Do you know how to make your clones?
First, try your way. If it doesn't work, here is my way..
Daydream Tutorial is a unique object theatre piece consists of mask, collage animation and live performance.

My Immortal: A Dramatic! !!! Reading xD
Adapted by Milo Jordan and Shannon Lippert
March 10th @9
A group of POSERS (actors) attempt to cash in on the amazing, perfect, 100% true (I was there) tragic tale of woe, and leather pants. Will Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way kill Vampire Potter before her beloved Draco is killed by......Voldemort(gasp)! No prepz allowed and ****NO FLAMES PLZ****

The Two Sisters: or The Devil Beats His Wife
By Christopher Audley Puglisi
Directed by Kat Yen
March 11th at 7:30pm @ The Wild Project

In the summer of 1918, Antony returns from the war to his aunt and mother at their decaying estate by the sea - where something or someone is killing all the flowers in the garden. The Two Sisters is a contemporary queering of early twentieth-century anti-lynching plays, exploring gender performance, drag, ghosts, and the tension between artifice and the natural world. Recently developed by The Yale School of Drama, this workshop performance of The Two Sisters is Christopher Audley Puglisi's New York City debut.

this party sucks
By Sofya Levitsky-Weitz
Directed by Sarah Blush
March 13 @2

Cleo and KJ hole up in a hotel room in between shows. They’re married, they’re both musicians, but KJ’s more successful than Cleo. When they encounter Cass, a younger fan of Cleo’s who works as a towel attendant at the hotel, she sheds light on Cleo’s panic about her career and her marriage. this party sucks is a fluid fever dream examining the artist relationship through gender, competition, and sexuality, asking us to examine what it means to love and be loved, to create and be created.

Do Not Obey in Advance
By Emily Oliveira
March 14 @9:30pm

A short song cycle in conversation with Timothy Synder's On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century. Do Not Obey in Advance is performed by a femme balladeer styled like a senator, manifesting a utopian idea of leader-cum-activist-artist.

A Bedford + Bowery Critics Pick!

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