Alcestis TragiQuilt

From Euripides, devised.

What is Alcestis?
Well, Alcestis is Euripides's tragicomedy about powercouple Admetis and Alcestis overcoming Death through the grace of Apollo, that ancient grecian virtue of hospitality, and Hercules!

What is TragiQuilt™
Helmed by Charles Quittner, this ancient bonkers myth will be split, refracted, and reinterpreted by multidisiplinary artists including Ryan Szelong, David Hochberg, Colin Waitt, Lorraine Tai, Nico Templier, Blair Bodine, Faye Chaio, Maggie Herskowitz, Adrianna Bohmier, Sonny Griffin, Nicholas Sanchez, & Amelia Kennedy

The piece was devised in and around a house on Governors Island for Public Works Department's Sanctuary City

photos- Talya Chalef