Boscoe Barles Bestival

a matinee of new works centering my dog benefiting Barc Shelter

On August 8th, Shuga Pie Supreme celebrated the adoptaversary of Boscoe Barles with a fundraiser for BARC (the shelter he was adopted from) at The Brick. We raised over $650 for the pups!


by Leegrid Stevens, directed by Charles Quittner

Featuring Boscoe Barles, Jamie Lowenstein

The Mayor 

by Nathaniel Foster, directed by Nikolai Mishler 

Featuring Boscoe Barles, Vincent D’Anthony, Sophie Gorai, Griffin Osborne

I <3 My Emotional Support Chinchilla! 

by Catherine Weingarten, directed by Allen MacLeod 

Featuring Boscoe Barles, Irina Kaplan, Ira Gamerman 

Dog Play 

by Serena Berman, directed by Anne Ciarlone

Featuring Boscoe Barles, Brendan Dalton, Starr Kirkland, Scott Thomas

A Prayer for Chico 

by Chris Tyler, directed by Charles Quittner

Featuring Boscoe Barles, Ginna Le Vine, Jamie Lowenstein, Morgan Meadows, Ben Moniz, Jehan Young

Hosted by Brenda (Brendan Germain)
Lighting Design by Christian Roberson


“[Boscoe Barles] is the Emma Stone of dog actors”

Read all about Barles’s star turn in this feature in The New York Post by Ebony Bowden

“Definitely not your typical show…"

Watch Boscoe Barles on News 12 Brooklyn!

“This actor is the shihtzu!”

Read a preview by Bill Roundy in The Brooklyn Paper


Boscoe Barles was born in Dalhart, Texas and was brought to BARC Shelter with 40 other dogs. Since being adopted by Charles, Boscoe has starred in Their food tastes better when they see us starving (or, Coriolanus), Interabang, MH, and is an active member of the Brooklyn drag scene.

BARC’s mission is to provide a safe haven for abandoned animals and to find permanent homes for them. BARC provides them with quality food, shelter, medical attention, and the love they deserve.