Everyday Afroplay

By: Daaimah Mubashshir

Inspired by Chris Ofili's series of 181 watercolors, "Afromuses," playwright Daaimah Mubashshir has fashioned Everyday Afroplay, a collection of tiny plays that stretches the concept of blackness from the political to sublime. Multiple directors, and a cast of 15 taking on several different characters, will collectively shape these tiny plays into an evening of "blackness."

DIRECTORS: Anne Cecelia Haney, Raja Feather Kelly, Emilyn Kowaleski, Daaimah Mubashshir, Charles Quittner, Alex Tobey & Kat Yen

CHOREOGRAPHY: Raja Feather Kelly

FEATURING: Gabby Beans, Timothy Edward Craig, Waliek Crandall*, Cornelius Davidson*, AntonFloyd*, Angelica Gregory*, Melissa Mickens*, Iliana Paris, J Moliere, Alexandra Phipps, Kyra Riley, Mouna R'miki, Nicolette Templier & Victoria Wallace

*appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association, Equity-approved showcase

CREATIVE TEAM: Stephen Christensen (Dramaturg), John Del Gaudio (Producer), Ann Marie Dorr (Production Manager), Daniela Hart (Sound Designer), Megan Lang (Production Designer) & Stephanie Oliver (Stage Manager)

photos- Kelly Stuart