Oh golly, do I love a good 15 minute one night stand. Here are some of my favotites.

By Gracie Gardner
Directed by Charles Quittner
Scenic by Jenny Irving
Lights by Ingrid Pierson
Video by Manny Sy
For Shuga Pie Supreme @The Brick

“This cowboy is…amazing.”


By Catherine Weingarten

3 girls at a local obscure college start a nature club to try to connect to the outdoors and broaden their lives. But when all they do in their club is take slightly sexy selfies with trees-are they doing something wronggg?

Featuring Bradley Mckelvey-Askin, Sabina Friedman-Seitz, Stephanie Rocío, Irina Kaplan
Produced by Jessica Schmidt and Lillian Meredith
for The Motor Company’s Communal Spaces: a garden play festival 2018 @Rodale Pleasant Park Community Garden


Take Your Fucking Goldendoodle and Go Home

by Andrew Kramer

Gay Rod Serling invites you into the Twilight Zone (or a dog salon in Indiana) to witness outrage over Religious Freedom.

Featuring Chris Tyler, Tyrone Davis Jr., & Joe Burby. Presented as part of 11/9; or Everything is Terrible so we put on a SHOW: a benefit that raised over $4000 for the Ali Forney Center!

Heat of the Moment
by Asia Gagnon

Makayla is a woman who's itch has been scratched too deep in this murder mystery of zombies (aghh), polyamory, and retroactive sporadic condialating amnesiac disorder. 

Featuring Ginna Le Vine, Blake Russell, & Thomas Constantine Moore. 

Part of TinyRhino: Murder Mystery at Littlefield


Music by Joel Esher
Lyrics by Blair Bodine
Book by Blair Bodine & Joel Esher
Music Directed by: Andy Bell

In this culinary musical comedy, an organic farmer named Taylor sets out to win the heart of the local restaurant-owner Carlotta. However, the villainous Pepper Pete has other plans in this story about love, loss, and competitive hot pepper growing (totally a thing).
Featuring Chris Ignacio, Nicolette Stephanie Templier, Sam Reiff-Pasarew, Feathers Wise, Sarah Elizabeth Haines, Anna Stefanic

Part of Theatre Now New York's Sound Bites 4.0 at The Signature Theatre. 

by Lily Houghton + Matt Minnicino
Featuring Raiane Cantisano, Amanda Centeno, & Karsten Otto


by Julia Specht

Featuring Allison Taaffe and Shannon Morrall

After a near fatal car accident, Amanda is taking control of her life. With the help of fitness enthusiast Carrie, she will become a body building super star!

Presented for Rule of 7x7: Spring Edition at The Tank.